Hamid Entezam

Hamid Entezam, Born in 1959 in Shiraz, Iran.
Completed high school education in Iran before moving to the US in 1977.
Hold a B.A in Sociology and Philosophy, and an M.A in Economics.
Professional field is Systems Engineering.
Since teenage years, has been fascinated with, and conducted research in comparative theology, mysticism and political philosophy.
Since the early 1990s, has been sharing thoughts and research with a good number of folks at various cultural centers around the U.S and Canada.
Among them are Ebne Sina Educational and Cultural Center in Irvine, IMAN in Los Angeles, the Islamic Cultural Center in Fresno, Bonyad Towhid in San Jose, and the Islamic Cultural Center of Northern California in Oakland.
Currently living and working in San Diego, California.
For detailed information, visit http://hamidentezam.com/english/

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