Summer Camp Registration Form

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I hereby grant EveCina Foundation to use my child’s photographvideo in any of its publications and other media (e.g., website, brochure), whether now known or hereafter existing, controlled by EveCina Foundation. I will make no monetary or other claim against EveCina Foundation for the use of the photograph(s)/video*.

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Waiver and Release From Liability

I am the parent of (“my child”) who is, or will be attending EveCina foundation Summer Camp . I understand that during this Program, my child will be involved in activities including but not limited to: indoor and outdoor activities, games, dancing, art, and numerous other physical activities, any of which may result in injury or illness. By signing this form, I agree to release EveCina Foundation, the owner/lessor and/or lessee of the facility being used, and their associates, employees, volunteers, and independent contractors from any and all liability connected with the program. I understand that in the case of an accident involving my child, the emergency contact information that I provide will be used to contact me. If I cannot be contacted, I grant persons associated with the Program or the director of the facility my child attends, with the power to determine what medical treatment is reasonable necessary. In the event of an accident or medical emergency, I will be financially responsible for any medical and transportation expenses involved. In consideration of being permitted to the Program, on behalf of myself, my family, my heirs and my assigns, I hereby release the Program, its volunteers and contractors from liability for injury, loss or death to the above-mentioned participant while attending the Program now or in the future, resulting from the ordinary negligence of the Program and its associates.
By signing this waiver I am promising that I have read and agreed to the contents of the waiver.

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Summer Camp: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Week 1: June 11-12-13
Week 2: June 18-19-20
Week 3: June 25-26-27
Week 4: July 2-3-4
Week 5: July 9-10-11
Week 6: July 16-17-18
Week 7: July 23-24-25
Week 8: July 30-31 August 1

Program starts:

Program Ends:

Time of classes: 9AM - 2PM

Additional Class/Time:

Program Tuition: $170/week

Additional class cost:


Early bird registration: $150/week
Siblings discount: $10 off each sibling

Late Pick-up Fees (after hours): Parents picking up children after 2:15 PM will be charged a late fee of $1.00 per minute, per child with no cap. Late fees are payable in cash to the closing teacher upon pick up. Unpaid late pick up fees will be billed to the child's account balance.
There will be no tuition refund after:

Signature of Parent/Guardian: