ECEF Financial Statements


ECEF is a non-profit organization that depends solely on the support of our generous members and our community. ECEF is not affiliated with any political party or government agency in the U.S. or abroad.

ECEF operates on the following sources: membership fees, education registration fees, providing services to the community, and fundraising. This organization develops an annual comprehensive operating budget which includes costs for all programs, management and fundraising and all sources of funding. This budget is reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors. ECEF periodically forecasts year-end revenues and expenses to assist in making sound management decisions during the year, and follows accounting practices which conform to accepted standards.

ECEF is managed by volunteers who are elected every two years by its members. Neither Board of Directors, Officers nor Committee Directors receive any salaries or compensations for their services.

Although ECEF membership is growing, the main source of funds comes from your generous donations that enable ECEF to operate and give its management hope and encouragement to continue serving the Iranian-American Community.


Your generous contributions and tax-deductible donations are greatly appreciated.

Please write your check payable to ECEF and send your check or cash to 15560-A Rockfield Blvd., Irvine, CA 92618

For further questions, please contact us at 949-454-1555 or via email:

Wish List

1. Computer and Laptop
2. printer
3. Tax-deductible donations of any amount

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