Our Mission Statement


Evecina Cultural and Educational Foundation (ECEF) was founded by a group of Iranian professionals in 1989. ECEF is a non-profit organization; and is not affiliated with any political party or government agency in the US or abroad.

ECEF is chartered to provide instructional, cultural, and community services to people of Iranian descent and their families in Orange County. One of our primary goals is to help expatriate Iranians integrate into the broader American society, while being morally uptight and responsible citizens.

The focus of ECEF’s instructional services is on educating the public on Iranian culture and Islam. To achieve this goal, ECEF offers a variety of classes, including Farsi Language, Ethics and Islamic Teachings for children and teenagers; as well as classes for adults in Arabic Language, Interpretation of Quran, and Contemporary Theologies in Religious Studies.

ECEF also invites scholars, intellectuals, and successful professionals in Iranian-American community for speeches and special programs typically held on Sundays.
ECEF also celebrates various Iranian holidays such as Norouz (Persian New Year), religious events such as Ramadan, Moharram, and Eid-el Fetr. The center also offers its facilities to community for holding memorial services, ceremonies and seminars.

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