مدیتیشن (مراقبه)


Teacher: Ms Bahar Mohammadian

کلاس مدیتیشن در حال حاضر سه شنبه هرماه ساعت 7:30 بعدازظهر توسط خانم بهار محمودیان

انجام می پذیرد اما برنامه آتی کلاسهای مدیتیشن از ماه اکتبر 2016 به قرار زیر خواهد بود :

Meditation: 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month at 7:30

Dele aram Seminar : 1st and 3rd Thursday of Month at 6:30 pm

Teacher: Bahar Mahmoudian

There are a group of meditators who meet every week to practice mindfulness meditation. This is a one hour sitting comprised of relaxation and a few mindfulness techniques such as working with the breath.
Join us if you are suffering a busy and out of control mind. You will experience more peace and presence. You will learn techniques to train the mind and access a deeper and calmer dimension within yourself.
It does not matter if you are a total beginner or experienced meditators. Sitting in a group with other meditators will help you achieve results faster.
The class is free and there is only a $3 cover charge for parking.
The class is conducted in English, however, it’s sometimes added some directions in Farsi if there is a demand for it.
Go to and join the group.

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