Teacher: Ms. Mona Ness

در مرکز ابن سینا کلاس یوگای خانم ها و آقایان به منظور راحتی بیشتر شرکت کنندگان ، بصورت مجزا برگزار می گردد

ساعت کلاس های یوگا :

ِیوگای خانم ها روزهای سه شنبه ساعت 10:30 صبح تا 12

یوگای آقایان روزهای سه شنبه ساعت 6:30 الی 8 بعدازظهر

Mona received her Bachelors of Optometry in 1993 from College of Optometry in Norway; after ten years of practice she decided to move to US. In 2003 she completed her teacher training at Yoga Works and became a full time yoga teacher since. She also received her Yoga Therapy certification in 2011 from Loyola Marymount University. Mona is nationally recognized as ERYT 500 (experienced yoga therapist) by Yoga Alliance.

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